It’s not always possible to go to an empty room and nurse your child there when they’re hungry. Sometimes, you just can’t nurse in places where other people will see you. Breastfeeding is a private act, and the best nursing covers and chairs will keep inquisitive eyes away from you and your child while you do it.

Even the most self-assured women, though, may feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in the presence of a stranger, so it’s best to find a quiet place to do it whenever possible. Nursing covers are easily accessible. They’re twice as big as scarves, yet made from the same ultralight, breathable fabric. 

Nursing mothers may hide their faces and feel secure with these wraps. To nurse in public without feeling self-conscious, you now have to worry about picking the correct one, which has to be lightweight and provide complete covering. We’ve compiled a list of the 11 finest nursing book covers from 2022.

Our Top Picks

  1. Bebe au Lait Premium Nursing Cover Cotton
  2. Bebe Au Lait Muslin nursing cover premium
  3. Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover for twins 
  4.  Kids’ N Such Arrow Nursing cover (Apron)
  5.  Milk Snob multi-purpose Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait Premium Nursing Cover Cotton 

Nursing cover

This breastfeeding cover is made of high-quality cotton and includes end caps that prevent any sharp edges. The front opening allows plenty of room for your infant. This cover is both soft and robust thanks to its innovative construction, so it won’t irritate your skin. Because of this, you and your infant may interact with each other by making eye contact. The simple act of keeping eye contact with a newborn may do wonders for your connection. This covering may be removed for ventilation purposes. When we go on a walk, we may use it to cover the car seat or the stroller.


  • Cotton material is easily washable
  • Open neckline design allows you to create special bonding with unobstructed eye contact
  • End caps of the cover prevent corners from scratching or poking.


  • Available in only one size. So you might face difficulty in adjusting

Bebe Au Lait Muslin nursing cover premium

nursing covers

The fabric is very breathable and light, making it an excellent pick for the warmer months. It’s easy to pack away and use whenever you need to avoid being too cooked. The rigidly flexible neckline of this nursing cover allows for easy access to the infant and the release of stale air at the precise time you need it. In addition, there is a capping mechanism at the neckline that interlocks so that no common threads may escape. The cover may be tightened at the neck to keep it in place even if your baby is active and tries to pull it off. This versatile cover doubles as a sunshade for your baby and a comfortable place to change diapers. Don’t fret if it becomes filthy; just toss it in the washing machine and start again.


  • Easy to carry
  • You can look at your baby while nursing
  • Its size is 36 inches wide


  • A little bit pricey
  • Fabric is not soft but too sheer

Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover for Twins 

The birth of twins is commemorated by this beautiful blanket. It’s roomy enough for both infants to lie down comfortably, so you can feed them at the same time, and it has enough ventilation. The Rigiflex neckline is also included on this breastfeeding cover. The high, stiff neckline of these covers makes them stand out and maintains them in a bow form, which keeps them off your skin and above your breasts.

Since you and your twins will take up the whole space under the cover, nursing in private is a breeze. The material is stiff yet bendable, and the neck strap may be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit.


  • Big in size enough space for two babies
  • The cover has two pockets so you can put anything in it
  • Easily washable
  • Breathable fabric to use in summer


  • Fabric designs don’t have solid colors but have patterns
  • Adjusting the correct size may take you some tries

 Kids’ N Such Arrow Nursing Cover (Apron)

nursing covers

This apron’s material is airy and comfortable. All of the neutral hues are quite versatile and complement a wide variety of wardrobe choices. Cheaper than everything else available.

You can easily transition from feeding to burping with these nursing covers, thanks to the burping cloth that is stitched right in. Everyone understands the importance of burping infants. A convenient pocket makes it simple to stow away this breastfeeding cover in a larger bag. Its strong neckline also remains in place, so moms can keep an eye on their infant without having to constantly readjust the cover. Having this time alone with your infant will be a special treat.


  • Low in price
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Full coverage 100%privacy
  • Easily washable, you can also put it in a dryer


  • Fabric is not suitable for summer
  • Plus-sized women can’t fit it

Milk Snob multi-purpose Nursing Cover

nursing covers

This nursing cover may be used in a variety of situations, and it will prove to be a worthwhile purchase for you. It gives you options thanks to its seven distinct styles.

You’ll look good in it, and it’ll keep you comfortable and well-ventilated. It’s multipurpose; it works as a blanket, car seat cover, and nursing cover. On top of that, you get full 360-degree coverage. Having this will ensure that your child is protected from the looks of strangers and bad weather. Your youngster will be safe from allergens and windy weather thanks to this device.


  • Available in seven different design 
  • Protects from all weather conditions
  • 360-degree coverage


  • Fabric is not breathable

KeaBabies Nursing Cover All-in-1

This nursing cover is large enough to wrap around you and your beautiful newborn, protecting both of you from the elements. You and your kid are completely safe even if your infant is active and pulls or yanks on the cover.

It’s a high-quality fabric, but it won’t let any light through. On top of that, the fabric is airy, so you may wear it even when it’s warm outside. This nursing session won’t make you hot and sweaty. The fabric is very supple and mild.

You and the baby will have a wonderful time in this since the fabric is both comfortable and breathable. Your kid will stay comfortably cool in this ultra-breathable, ultra-soft cover.

At long last, a product with really infinite potential! Covers may be used on most car seats and strollers to protect your child from the sun or to provide a quiet space for sleep. It may be used in a variety of ways, such as a blanket, a shopping cart cover, a changing mat, a scarf, and so on.


  • 360° coverage for maximum privacy
  • Breathable fabric, so you and the baby stay cool
  • Endless uses such as a blanket or car seat cover
  • Soft and durable material


  • Only one color and size option

Genovega Bamboo Nursing Cover 360 Degree

Similar to the poncho-style nursing cover we discussed before, this one also has armholes for convenience. You can make sudden, natural arm movements. You can use your hands freely while breastfeeding, however with some other nursing covers, doing so may reveal a body area if the cover moved while you reached inside a bag.

To convert this shawl into a top, just tie a knot in the center. In addition, untie yourself if you need to use the restroom for nursing. This nursing cover, therefore, serves a dual purpose.


  • Available in many different colors
  • You can wear it on top
  •  can easily fit any sized women


  • It is not safe to put it in a dryer
  • It is a bit pricey compared to others

WeeSprout (Especially for Airplanes)

To prevent your baby from being disturbed while you nurse, you’ll want to use a cover that encloses you completely. This blanket is ideal if you like taking your baby on trips. Reduce your baby’s exposure to infections and viruses with this cover that doesn’t take up too much room.

This cover is made of a breathable material that will allow your baby to have enough air. A peaceful night’s slumber awaits the infant. It’s machine-washable, so you may use it as a blanket or changing mat and wash it as often as you want.


  • Available in four different colors
  • Breathable and super soft fabric


  • You need to open the neckline to see your little one.

Copper Pearl Stretchy Nursing Cover Multi- Purpose

best nursing covers

The fabric of this cover is high-quality Rayan, which is very flexible and is recommended by most mothers since it is simple to use, adjustable, and a suitable fit for babies of varying sizes. It is adaptable, so you may put it on a shopping cart, car seat, etc.

It may also be worn as a scarf with no end. When you need to nurse, just wrap a scarf over your neck and relax. It comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Find the option that best expresses who you are. It’s versatile enough to be used year-round to shield your infant from harsh climates. As a bonus, it is lightweight, easy to clean, and folds up small enough to bring along.


  • Fabric is a rayon blend
  • Available in 16 different designs and colors
  • Suitable for babies who like to snuggle


  • It’s a snug fit, so some babies don’t like it
  • Material is not breathable

Bozeman Baby Nursing Cover/ Scarf

With two layers of fabric, this nursing cover is ideal for mothers who are worried about their clothing being too sheer. This cover, however, will not prevent someone from peeking in from the sides.

It’s multipurpose and may be used as a scarf. You’d feel sophisticated toting around something so elegant. Baby will feel cozy in this garment because of the ultra-soft fabric. It’s machine-washable. It’s available in a rainbow of hues, so you may choose your preference.


  • Easily affordable best price as compared to competitors
  • Available in 28 different colors
  • It can be used as a baby blanket


  • Some customers had complained about the bad smell
  • Don’t provide full coverage, especially to a plus-sized lady

Udder Nursing Cover

nursing covers

If you are a lady of larger stature, this cover will be most accommodating to your needs. The generous 32″ x 24″ size ensures complete protection. It comes with steel rings that may be adjusted to fit every user. Because of the stiffness of the neckline, the body of the garment is cut away from the neck and toward the upper breasts. It’s big enough for you to sit down comfortably and check on the baby or make eye contact while nursing.

The cover is made of lightweight, breathable cloth. It’s made of 100% cotton, so it’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

There are eight distinct designs from which to choose. When choosing clothing and accessories, choose ones that complement your appearance.


  • Good for taller mom
  • Price is affordable
  • Fold it into a compact size


  • Customers complain about the shrinking of fabric
  • Doesn’t come with a pouch

The Best Nursing Covers Buying guide

There are a few points you should keep in mind while shopping for nursing coverage:

Baby Comfort

When you are buying something for babies, please don’t ignore them. Some babies don’t like to snuggle; they don’t like the poncho type. They want some free space. But some babies love being close to their mom as much as they can. They feel secure. An uncomfortable baby will become fussy, and a fussy baby is tough to manage.

Place to Use

Think about the place you have to use. It will be either at work or in the park if you have an empty room or not. If you have space for nursing, you can choose an apron. But if you have to nurse in a noisy area like shopping malls or busy restaurants, you have to buy a nursing cover with 360-degree coverage. It will make your little one secure and also entire privacy.


The cover’s fabric plays an essential role as babies’ skin is sensitive. Choose the fabric soft, breathable, and according to the weather. In our opinion, muslin serves well in summer while cotton works perfectly in cool weather.

Mom comfort

Think about what makes you comfortable. If you are a shy or a bit conservative lady, then a full poncho will be good for you, and if it is your 3rd or 4th baby and you don’t care about these things, then a scarf or apron will be good for you.

Nursing vs. Pumping

 If you are feeding or pumping breast milk from both sides, you need 360 coverage, and if you are using one side at the moment, you can manage it with a scarf or apron.


Some women don’t focus on styling while doing mom duties. But we have seen many stylish moms nowadays who like to spend hours styling themselves. So if you are one of the stylish moms, choose any nursing cover which suits your body, physique, and personality.

Multi-Purpose Use

We all have a life outside of our children. So while choosing anything, always try to buy two in one type of thing. So you use it after your baby wears off, and otherwise, that cover may become useless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many types of nursing covers are available in the market?

There are three different styles currently available in the market.

Apron style 

It just looks like a kitchen apron. Most smart ladies prefer this one, and it looks modern and trendy. But you have to put it in before you are done.

Scarf style

You can use it to wrap around your shoulder to chest.

How to breastfeed in public?

Consider the following tips for breastfeeding in public:

  • Try to wear an easy-to-open shirt under a nursing cover.
  • Cover yourself as much as you like before opening your inner.
  • Don’t focus on strangers’ curious looks.
  • Once you have done this, refold the cover back to its position and pack it correctly because you may need it after a few hours.

How to use nursing covers?

For the apron style, it has a hoop at the top. Wear it through the neck and try to get comfortable. Now practice breastfeeding your baby and covering all sides to maintain privacy. However, if you are using an infinity scarf style, first drape the cover on one side of the shoulder like a sash. Second, wrap the front side of the scarf over the baby and the arm you are carrying; once you get comfortable, open your bra and latch the baby properly.

Poncho style covers your whole body. If you want to cover from every angle, this will indeed serve you best. 

Moreover, the Poncho with armhole covers is an entirely new design. It not only covers your body but also gives your arms freedom of movement, and you can move your arms without fear of any exposure.

How can you DIY Nursing Covers at home?

Use your creativity and style your nursing cover according to your priorities. If you can quickly stitch or sew, then you can design your apron-style cover at home.

You can shop for any cloth from the market. Turn it into an infinity scarf with your crafting skills. You can use it as a nursing cover if long and breathable.

Another idea is to stitch the scarf’s edges together and make a loop. That’s it, and your nursing cover is ready. But don’t forget to wear a seam; otherwise, it will irritate your back.

The third idea is to make a neckline and attach a square-shaped cloth to design an apron. To make the neckline adjustable, attach a stainless loop to it, and it will look not only trendy but also stylish.

Can I breastfeed without nursing covers?

Yes, of course, it’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel shy or embarrassed, you can nurse anywhere and anytime. But ethically, We think it is not a good deed to do when everyone starts peeking at you, and you will indeed become anxious or stressed. 

What are other uses of nursing covers?

You can utilize that cloth in many other ways. You can use them as a seat cover, blanket, infinity scarf, canopy to a car seat, or shopping cart. If you buy poncho-style, you can wear it as a stylish top and make a few alterations. 


Public breastfeeding is all about attitude, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Face any interested observers with a grin and a calm demeanor, knowing you’re doing your best for your infant. People are generally kind and understanding, so don’t worry about being the center of attention.

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